Alongside the UK Client Peer to Peer Club is the Suppliers’. When developing the client Peer to Peer clubs we polled a number of suppliers as to whether a similar Peer to Peer Club would be of value to the FM Supplier market.

The answer was a resounding yes. All Suppliers interested are encouraged to join and by doing so enrich the Peer to Peer Club by getting variety of different perspectives together, and to share experiences.

Peer to Peer club meeting 10/3/15

This Club is exclusive to the Suppliers, and allows them to network and discuss the FM market openly amongst themselves. Where appropriate, outcomes of the Client Peer to Peer Clubs are shared and debated with the Suppliers and visa versa, to ascertain a 360° view.

The Clubs are free to join and by invite only. Members of the Supplier Peer to Peer club are all senior FM professionals with their organisation, and members are asked to respect the confidentiality and integrity of their respected club. If you feel the club would benefit you and you would like to join the Supplier Peer to Peer club or just want to find out some more about it please contact us here.

The next supplier event is on 16th September 2015, which you can now register to attend here.

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“Great thought provoking and engaging event- 3 hours were well spent and worthwhile. I am pleased I attended.”
Stuart Harris, Global FRPM Services